BBQ Event Catering in Toronto

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BBQ Event Catering Barbeque (BBQ) enthusiasts in Toronto have a reason to rejoice with the premier BBQ Event Catering services of The BBQ Gourmet. This well-established and highly sought-after caterer elevates the experience of BBQ dining to new heights. Offering a rich variety of delicious BBQ menu ideas, they cater to all your event needs […]

Affordable BBQ Catering in Toronto

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Affordable BBQ Catering If you’re planning a gathering in Toronto, you might be looking for a way to serve up some delicious food without breaking the bank. Well, look no further because Affordable BBQ Catering in Toronto doesn’t get any better than The BBQ Gourmet! Toronto is a bustling city filled with food lovers, and […]

BBQ Catering Services Toronto

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BBQ Catering Services Toronto If you’re a fan of grilled delicacies, you’ve probably heard about the BBQ Gourmet, one of the top BBQ Catering Services in Toronto. The company has set new standards in the culinary world with its mouth-watering recipes and professional catering services. Whether you’re hosting a birthday party, corporate event, or wedding, […]

The Best BBQ Catering in Toronto

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BBQ Catering Toronto Nothing beats the tantalizing aroma and mouth-watering taste of superbly cooked BBQ, especially when it’s expertly prepared by Toronto’s leading provider – The BBQ Gourmet. Specializing in BBQ Catering in Toronto, The BBQ Gourmet brings a unique touch of smoked BBQ to your events, leaving a memorable taste in every guest’s mouth. […]

Barbeque Catering Services in Toronto

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Barbeque Catering Services Toronto As the vibrancy of the Toronto food scene continues to soar, one culinary delight that always hits the spot is barbequing. Barbeque Catering Services in Toronto is becoming increasingly popular, with BBQ Gourmet leading the charge. Offering a unique blend of flavours and a commitment to high-quality service, BBQ Gourmet is […]

Buffet Catering for Business in Toronto

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Buffet Catering for Business Toronto When planning a business event, one of the most crucial aspects to consider is the food. A high-quality, delicious meal can make a significant difference in the overall experience of your guests. That’s where Buffet Catering for Business in Toronto – The BBQ Gourmet comes into the picture. The BBQ […]

BBQ Catering Packages in Toronto

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BBQ Catering Packages Life is filled with priceless moments that must be celebrated with passion. These occasions become more cherished when shared with loved ones over a table filled with mouthwatering food. In the bustling city of Toronto, BBQ Gourmet is the leading name when it comes to BBQ Catering Packages. Offering a wide range […]


Meat Lovers Add 50% more meat to your meal (pricing applies to menus including hamburgers, hot dogs, sausages, chicken, veggie burgers, etc.)

$3.75 per guest


Premium Meat Lovers Add 50% more meat to your meal (pricing applies to menus with brisket, pulled pork, chicken supreme, ribs, etc.)

$5.75 per guest


Rib Me Baby Add our Succulent St. Louis Ribs to your BBQ (2 bones per person)

$5.95 per guest


Baked Potato Bar Includes 5 Toppings: Sour Cream, Butter, Chives, Cheddar, and Bacon Bits

$3.95 per guest

Iowa Corn Roast

Treat your guests to an authentic festival corn roast experience! We’ll bring our Iowa Corn Roaster to your event location and roast sweet corn on-site. Guests will be served their hot, in-the-husk cob of corn from a separate service station.

Fixin’s include hot butter, salt, pepper, lemon pepper, and parmesan cheese. $4.25 per guest – 500 guest minimum

Want corn but don’t have 500 guests? Ask about our other corn options!

Southern Sides

Bean Your BBQAdd our maple baked beans to any meal

$1.95 per guest

Momma’s Mac and CheeseAdd this southern favourite to any meal

$2.75 per guest

Ch Ch Chili (vegetarian available)Add some scrumptious chili to any meal

$1.95 per guest

Baked Jalapeno Corn BreadAdd a little bite to your meal with our homemade corn bread

$ 1.50 per guest

Top-It Off

Cheddar Cheese Add shredded cheddar cheese to your burger or sandwich

$1.50 per guest

BBQ Peameal Bacon Add Canadian peameal bacon to your burger or sandwich

$1.75 per guest

Sautéed Mushrooms Add our thinly sliced mushrooms, sautéed in red wine and fresh herbs, to your burger or sandwich

$1.75 per guest

Sautéed Onions Add our thinly sliced Spanish onions, sautéed in fresh creamy butter, to your burger or sandwich

$1.75 per guest

Ice Cream Packages

The Basic Super Frosty: Delicious vanilla ice cream dipped in rich chocolate Super Fudgie: Chocolatey ice milk on a stick. Super Lolly Rocket: Four exciting flavours (blue raspberry, strawberry, peach & lemon lime). Ice Cream Sandwich: Vanilla ice cream between two chocolate wafer cookies. $1.95 per guest


The Midline Drumstick: Premium Vanilla Drumstick with a fudge or caramel core, smothered in rich chocolate. Oreo Sandwich: Oreo ice cream sandwiched between two cookie wafers. LifeSavers Popsicle: Cherry, lemon, lime, pineapple and orange five flavor popsicles. $4.50 per guest

The Executive Häagen-Dazs Vanilla/Milk Chocolate Bar: The ultimate vanilla ice cream bar in a milk chocolate coating. Häagen-Dazs Vanilla/Almond Bar: The ultimate vanilla ice cream bar in a milk chocolate coating with almonds. Häagen-Dazs Salted Caramel Bar: The ultimate vanilla ice cream bar in a milk chocolate coating with ribbons of salted caramel. $6.25 per guest



All novelty packages are served from custom ice creams carts with umbrellas. A cart surcharge may be applied to events under 200 guests.

The Little Extras

Ask how we can help you with:

  • Tables, chairs, linen rentals
  • Tent rentals
  • China and cutlery rentals
  • Games and inflatables
  • DJs, Solo Musicians, and Bands

What’s Included

Included in All BBQ Gourmet Events:

• Authentic, competition smoker BBQs

• On-site co-coordinator

• Cooking and serving staff (buffet style)

• Upgraded disposable plates, cutlery, napkins

• All appropriate condiments and sauces

• Foodservice canopies

• Buffet service tables

• Chafing dishes and serving utensils


What’s Not Included?

• Truck Fee

• Waitstaff & Bartenders (if needed)

• Rental Items (if needed – tents, china, glassware etc.)

• Gratuity, 15% Service Charge, HST


A minimum pre-tax food order of $1,800.00 applies to any event within the Toronto area. Divide $1,800.00 by the individual package price to determine attendance minimums. Additional minimums apply for out-of-town events. For further information or to book your event today: Call us at 416.783.7257 Email us at Visit us at