About Us

Mission Statement

To promote the culture of authentic southern style cuisine through unique BBQ catered events.

How We Got Here
In 1998 our founders decided to channel their mutual love of southern style barbecue into a business partnership. Years of hard work and dedication have led us to become the company we are today. Throughout the years much has changed. Our team has gotten a lot larger, the events have gotten a lot bigger and our client list hasn’t stopped growing. One thing has stayed the same; our passion for barbecue has never waivered.

Real BBQ, Defined.
BBQ, barbeque, barbecue, or bar-b-q? However you spell it, all these terms are derived from the Spanish word “Barbacoa.” This ancient process involved cooking meats in large pits of smoldering coals. To this day, traditional southern smoker barbecue cookers are referred to as “pits”, true to their ancient past.

The slow-smoking aspect of BBQ came from Eastern European immigrants that settled throughout the south in the 1800’s. Butchers and meat purveyors from the old country brought with them the skill of slow cooking traditionally inexpensive and tough cuts of meat, rendering them tender and tasty.

Cooking meat on a hot grill may be an ancient tradition, but to fully grasp what BBQ is, you have to understand the different styles. Barbecue is a regional cuisine, there are variances in meats and sauces from state to state or even county to county. In the Carolinas, and through the east coast, pork is all the rage with vinegar, mustard, or tomato-based sauces. Beef reigns supreme in Texas, with signature items being beef brisket and longhorn beef ribs.

With so many cuisines, the boundaries of regional barbecue have become blurred. Fusion of sauces and ingredients from different cultures and regions is contributing to the evolution of traditional barbecue into a diverse cooking style.

We Serve Southern-style BBQ
Barbecue isn’t defined by boundaries. That’s why The BBQ Gourmet brought authentic southern-style barbecue right here to Ontario. We have created unique sauces and recipes that cross regions to mix the best of traditional ways with innovative new styles and tastes. We take pride in bringing the culture and tastes of the southern United States north of the border for your enjoyment.

It’s Not Just About the Food
Southern BBQ culture is steeped in tradition and does not end with just the food on your plate. We proudly promote the values of community, charity, and family in all of our day to day operations.

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