We could simply say that our success has been a combination of passion for great food and focus on the intimate details of our catered events, but in reality there are many elements that help define what makes us unique in the GTA catering marketplace.

Here are just a few of the other things that makes us different:

• We serve great BBQ fast: First and most importantly, this is what we do

• We cook on site: Using only hardwood charcoal and aromatic woods, our Competition Texas Smoker BBQ Trailers cook the delicious BBQ right in front of your guests.

• We love big events: We are the industry leader in successfully executing large, onsite, catered BBQ events.

• We look after your guests: From your initial consultation right up to your event day, we work with you to evaluate every facet of your event to make sure we get it right.

• We answer the phone: From Monday-Friday 9am-5pm EST, you can talk in person to one of our Sales Representatives.

• We’re straight shooters: Our prices, terms and conditions are listed right here on our website. Simple, straightforward and honest.

• We work safe: From food production to safe work spaces, our trained staff meet or exceed all governmental requirements.

• Teamwork: We are a committed group of foodservice professionals that work together for the success of your event.