The Gourmet Group of Companies

Welcome to The Gourmet Group of Companies

In 1998, the Gourmet Group’s first business, The BBQ Gourmet, was launched. The BBQ Gourmet was unique in the world of Toronto catering. We offered only one style of cuisine, bbq, and aggressively promoted Southern style real pit bbq, to rave reviews across the GTA. Fourteen years later and the BBQ Gourmet remains at the forefront of large, catered bbq events.


In 2010, we launched The Breakfast Gourmet. Utilizing the same business model as the BBQ Gourmet, The Breakfast Gourmet is filling the need for a full service breakfast event caterer in the GTA.  As with The BBQ Gourmet, this new venture focuses on hot food cooked fresh on site, served quickly on time and on budget.


Our latest project, started in the summer of 2012, is the Urban Smoke Food Truck. The Urban Smoke is a versatile, self contained food service vehicle, specializing in traditional and fusion bbq. It can provide your guests with a true food truck experience, one of the hottest trends in food service today.


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