At The BBQ Gourmet, we strive to provide our clients food options that include local sourcing of protein, produce, co ingredient and packaging options. Working closely with our key suppliers, we actively promote sources in a 160km radius of Toronto, with a special focus on family farm operations.


On site, we work with our clients to provide limited waste events through recycling and food handling practices. We offer fully biodegradable disposable options (ASTM6868). Upon request, we will calculate the carbon footprint generated by the event, and purchase Gold Standard offsets to render the event carbon neutral.

In addition, we will create custom menus that fulfill LEED requirements for our clients.

Continuous Improvement:

At The BBQ Gourmet, we are committed to providing our clients with the latest options for products, services and environmental stewardship. We look at all aspects of our operation to investigate and implement improvements in an ever changing world.