Mission Statement

To promote the culture of authentic southern style cuisine through unique BBQ catered events.

You crane your neck, and look quizzically at the pit-master as he manipulates the smoldering fire. He opens the giant steel door and carefully checks today’s offerings. Peppered Texas Brisket of Beef, Sweet-Meat Carolina Pulled Pork, Garlic Sausage, and Spiced Jumbo Shrimp. Your stomach growls, your mouth waters… Welcome to an authentic Southern-style BBQ catering by The BBQ Gourmet Food Company.

Since 1998, we have been spreading the word of real Southern pit BBQ catering. Although we offer a wide range of BBQ catering, from juicy 1/2 lb hamburgers to grilled steak and seafood, our specialty – and passion – remains the slow-smoked meats and traditional side dishes from the south.


The BBQ Gourmet is a full service BBQ caterer. We provide on-site BBQ event catering, entertainment, rentals, logistical support, and management for a wide variety of functions throughout Southern Ontario – mostly within Toronto and the GTA.

We are completely mobile and serve year round. “Any location, any event, any time” has been a catch phrase for us and it has been put to the test on a number of occasions.


BBQ, barbeque, barbecue, or bar-b-q? How you spell it doesn’t really matter. All these terms are derived from the Spanish word “Barbacoa.” This ancient process involved the process of cooking meats in large pits of smoldering coals. To this day traditional southern smoker BBQ cookers are referred to as “pits”, true to their ancient past.

The slow-smoking aspect of BBQ came from the German and Eastern European immigrants that settled through the south in the 1800’s. Butchers and meat purveyors from the old country brought with them the skill of slow cooking traditionally inexpensive and tough cuts of meat rendering them tender and tasty.

BBQ is regional cuisine. County by county, state by state, there are significant differences between meats and sauces. In the Carolinas, and through the east coast, pork is all the rage with sauces based in vinegar, mustard, or tomato.

Beef reigns supreme in Texas, with the signature items being brisket of beef and longhorn beef ribs.

As with so many cuisines, the boundaries of regional BBQ have become blurred. Fusion of sauces and ingredients from different cultures and regions are contributing to the evolution of traditional bbq into a balanced and interesting cooking style.