Meat Soup

Meat soups (4-6 servings)
Measurements are given in cups. One cup=1 ½ dl or about 90 g flour.
8-12 cups of water

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½ kg meat (pork, beef, lamb, chicken, hen etc)
3-5 cups of herb such as the top shoots of stinging nettles, young dandelion leaves,
wild chervil, cress, wild marjorum, dill, plantain, angelica, wild onions, caraway
greenery, thyme, or whatever the season has to offer.
Remember: You must always be sure that the plants are edible!
1. Put the meat in the kettle. Pour water over the meat so it is covered and put the kettle
on the fire. In order that the heat is spread evenly the kettle must be turned about every
5-10 minutes.
2. When the water boils it should cook for about one hour. It may be necessary to add
more water so the meat is always covered with water.
3. While the meat is cooking wash and chop the herbs. They will go in the soup when it
is ready.
4. When the meat is tender take it out and slice it to a size fit for a spoon and return it to
the soup.
5. Add salt as desired, then it is ready to be served.
6. It can be served with flatbread.
Green Soup