Frequently Asked Questions

1) Q: We only have a small group. What is the minimum size party you will do?

A: The BBQ Gourmet has a $1,500 food order minimum on all events in May, June, July, August, September and December. Outside of these months we may be more flexible with the order minimums based on availability. Since our menu prices vary, please divide $1500 by your preferred menu package price to determine the minimum attendance.


2) Q: Our function is outside the GTA. How far will you travel?

A: Depending on the economics, we will travel miles to serve you. Call us to discuss our out of town rates.


3) Q: Your prices are very reasonable, but I want a discount!

A: We will offer price breaks on parties over 500 people. We will also consider discounts based on multiple events and locations.


4) Q: We are having a BBQ during the employees’ lunch hour. How can you serve all those people in such a short period of time?

A: We specialize in serving LARGE groups in SHORT periods of time. Want fast? How about 1800 people in 30 minutes?


5) Q: What if it rains? Can I book a rain date?

A: It is logistically very difficult to book rain dates. Under most conditions, the extra charges to do so doesn’t make sense. Don’t despair! There are contingency plans that can be implemented to deal with inclement weather.


6) Q: I’ve been given the task of organizing our company picnic. The details are overwhelming and I don’t know where to start? Can you help?

A: We will be happy to discuss and assist in all the details of your event, not just the food service. A great way to start is to just give us a call! Event consultants are available to discuss your event Monday-Friday 9am-5pm ET.


7) Q: Do you cater weddings?

A: We do! Please click here for more information and to download our wedding package.